History of Electric Induction Heating


By James Farol Metcalf

Letter to Rowan About IMM

To: HM Rowan:

Dear Hank

I called you last week but you did not return my call. My call to your home on May 11, 1989 was to ask you to help me stop a tale that I was fired because "Jimmy was dancing to the tune of the Russians."

Your anger with me did not allow the subject to come up. Hank, I have lived up to the commitments made in your office on February 5, 1988 in every way. I have not returned to Japan since the unfortunate incident in Scotland. I have not received any payment and do not have a contract or contact in Japan.

If Soderstrom is working with the former agent, Fuji, then this means we have both lost a sale. Don took my position in Brazil as well. Maybe he was telling the tale. I wrote down what you told me in your office: "Jimmy, the Japanese are worse enemies than the Russians and you should not cooperate with them. Remember Pearl Harbor." We fired Don without notice in Scotland.

When I told you that the Russians have offered high strength carbon for sale your first reaction was to question if the material was made in the furnaces we supplied for free. You are enough of an engineer to know that Consarc furnaces do not produce high strength fibers.

Tom Dick may have supplied equipment to produce the embargoed rigid carbon board but I am not sure. In any case, I have zero contact with this customer and only social contacts with Dick from time to time. He knew my number the last time we were in Moscow together but during the two weeks did not call me. Maybe he thinks that he should keep a safe distance from a deported person for his own good.

I have located a very cheap source of carbon fibers produced from rayon in the Ukraine. This is good material for Calcarb at about half the present costs of production in Scotland. Samples will be sent for tests. I have also located a company with furnaces and the will to produce carbon board insulation for the world market.

Hank, my interest is in carbon artifacts produced from the board base. The next two months will be spent to find the correct partner and it just might turn out to be the Russians.

Jim Metcalf.

26 June 1989