History of Electric Induction Heating


By James Farol Metcalf

Letter to British Home Office

To: Home Office

From: James Farol Metcalf

Date: 15 September 1988

Your letter of 5 August 1988 stated the Secretary of State was going to deport me for the common good because I was a risk to the National security.

This letter also gave me the chance to give the facts to a panel of advisors who can make recommendations to the Secretary.

I do not intend to be economical with the truth, but the documents furnished at this time are a small portion of those which I will be able to find if I am given enough time.

I was led to believe through the SDA and the Invest in Britain program that the U.K. was interested in my remaining in Great Britain.

I am a very good businessman, and am not a security risk, as any reasonable review of the actual facts will show.

I am, however guilty, of doing legal business with the Soviets, which at this time in political history was considered by the military authorities as against the best interests of the West (USA). I stopped the first moment the governments requested. Actually the British government refused to give me a minor request to stop the business. The final decision to stop business with Russia was mine alone.

My Russian wife wanted to live in London, and as any good husband, I was attempting to follow her wishes by establishing a business in the U.K. in a way that would allow her to become a citizen.

She no longer has the desire to live in the United Kingdom, so in a real way the Home Secretary has done me a favor by deporting me, because I was not looking forward to living in London for the next thirty years.

Being deported as a security risk is a charge of guilt that I can not allow without a fight. I now plan to leave the country and not return except in the normal course of business and transit travel. If the Home Secretary will allow me to leave and return to the panel in the spring of next year, I will assure him that the documents presented will be useful to departments of government.

Please excuse the ugly tone of the book that I started early this month.

One question, please. Do any of the documents obtained from the British government require approval to be published in my book?


James Farol Metcalf